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Dentistry for Kids
Rockton, IL

Child putting toothpaste on a toothbrushTaking your child to the dentist for the first time can be a nerve-racking and stressful process for both you and them. Their first dental visit will involve a new and foreign environment. It is important that you choose the right team for your child’s first dentist visit because it will leave a lasting impression. Our team of highly trained professionals at Rockton Dental strive to provide your child with an enjoyable and relaxed experience to start them on their journey to a lifetime of good oral health.

When Should I Take My Child to the Dentist?

It is recommended by the American Dental Association that you take your child to the dentist when they turn a year old or within six months of them getting their first tooth, whichever comes first. During this first visit, our team will examine your child’s tooth or teeth. They will also inspect their oral cavity and gums to ensure that they are developing properly.

This first visit is important so that your child’s development can be monitored. If your child is experiencing any abnormal developments, our team can promptly treat this condition. If your child is experiencing normal oral development, then our team will recommend scheduling routine oral exams at six-month intervals. They will also provide guidance on good oral hygiene habits, such as what type of toothpaste and toothbrush you should use.

Why Is My Child’s Dental Health Important?

Finding quality dental care for your child is important to facilitate the proper development of their teeth and gums. Their “baby” teeth will also play an important part in the development of speech patterns and their ability to chew their food. That is why it is important that their teeth are kept healthy and they do not lose them prematurely due to decay.

What Happens If My Child Has Abnormal Development?

There are several common abnormalities that could affect your child’s development. One of these conditions is called being tongue-tied. This condition is caused by extra binding tissue being present between your child’s tongue and the base of their mouth. If this condition is left untreated, your child’s speech development can be delayed.

Our professionals can easily correct the condition with a simple outpatient procedure. During the procedure, our team will apply a topical anesthetic to your child’s mouth. Your child will have to be restrained during the procedure through the use of a device or by having you sit in the procedure chair and hold them.

Our professional will then cut the excess tissue with a cauterizing tool or surgical scissors. This procedure will provide your child with the proper range of motion and allow them to develop normal speech patterns.

Whether your child is ready for their first dental visit or you are looking to get established with a new dental office, it is important that you pick the right team. Our professionals at Rockton Dental provide a family-friendly environment that your child will look forward to visiting. We can give your child the best in dental care in a setting that will help you maintain your peace of mind. You can schedule your child’s appointment by calling our office at (815) 624-3269 today.
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Our team of highly trained professionals at Rockton Dental strive to provide your child with an enjoyable and relaxed experience. Learn more here!
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