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Dental Filling

Dental patient looking at dentistRestorative dentistry is the field of dentistry that involves correcting and repairing damage to your teeth and gums. There are a wide variety of restorative procedures available to improve the function and appearance of your teeth. One of the procedures used by our team at Rockton Dental is dental fillings. Dental fillings involve the placement of a compound in the void of your tooth to repair its strength and prevent further damage.

When Are Fillings Needed?

Fillings are needed when you have experienced tooth decay. Tooth decay occurs when plaque has built-up on your teeth and has been allowed to accumulate over time. As this decay continues to build, it will cause small holes in your teeth called cavities.

The initial tooth decay that results in the formation of cavities is caused by several different factors. Poor oral hygiene habits such as infrequent or improper brushing contribute to tooth decay. Frequent consumption of acidic and sugary drinks also contributes to the development of tooth decay. Bacteria is also an important factor that influences the development of tooth decay.

If fillings are not used to address cavities in their early stages, they will continue to worsen. As cavities continue to progress, you will begin to experience discomfort and your tooth will be visibly damaged. If the cavity becomes too large, then our team will not be able to utilize a filling to treat the cavity. This will result in more invasive restorative procedures such as the placement of a dental crown or bridge.

What Is the Procedure Like?

The placement of a dental filling is a very simple and quick procedure. Often times, this procedure can be completed during the same visit as your oral exam if a cavity is located during the exam. As with any procedure that may cause pain, our team will administer an anesthetic to numb the area and keep you comfortable.

Afterward, they will utilize a small drill to remove the decayed material from your tooth. It is important that the decayed material is removed to stop the spread of the bacteria. Once all decayed material is removed, they will place the composite material into your tooth. The filling is shaped so that it is not jagged and does not protrude from your tooth.

How Long Do Fillings Last?

The life of your filling will vary based on your oral hygiene and eating habits, as well as whether or not you attend regular oral exams. Professional cleanings will also help you get the most out of your fillings. According to Healthline, your filling will last approximately ten to twenty years with proper care and good oral hygiene. As long as your tooth is still healthy, our team can replace the filling once it is no longer reliable.

Dental fillings are a great restorative option that can be used to treat minor cavities and protect your teeth from further decay. If you have been experiencing discomfort in your teeth or think you may have a cavity, it is time to see our team at Rockton Dental. Our professionals can let you know if fillings are right for you and improve the health of your smile. You can schedule your appointment by calling our office at (815) 624-3269.
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